Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Denitza Boyadzhieva. I was born in Sofia where I currently live. I graduated the National Arts Academy, department of industrial design. I think I followed my father’s example subconsciously. He exercised his hobby of producing furniture pieces for the household and to repair damaged devices. I remember a bookshelf for the sound amplifier and for the tape recorder, which he invented. First I saw it in pink color (it was whale paint) and I thought it was for me. After awhile I saw the final result, which was powder coated in dark brown color. I thought it was from the shop – the shelf looked so perfect.

Do you remember what you dreamt of becoming when you were a child?

As a child I often dreamt of becoming a ballerina or a sales person, but my fondest and brightest memory is of my wish to be a veterinarian. To help the animals and travel the world, just like Dr. Doolittle.

Is there anyone in particular who has influenced your professional development?

Everything changed for me when I went to study one semester in Finland. I found a completely different world totally new to me. I learnt how important teamwork is. That everyone is different and good at something that maybe someone else is not, but that does not mean you suck. The professors always found a way to show you in the work process that what you are doing is valuable – no matter whether it is crap or a good thing. Everyone has a certain potential.

How would you describe your work?

I don’t have a certain style, never had and never will, as this puts limits to my work.

Tell us more about your work process:

The working place is always mobile. I have one kit of instruments, which often appears either in the kitchen or in the living room (jigsaw, drill, flex, grinder). Recently, I’ve been trying to set up a designated working space – a very important part of completing the puzzle. I’m used to listening to my intuition. Among the many sketches I usually end choosing the first ones. I’m quite impulsive and sometimes make big mistakes. Afterwards, I try solving them and while searching for a solution – the inventions happen. So, this is not a part of the process to be missed.

I often work in the evenings as this is the most quiet time of the day. My dog Fiut keeps me company. Otherwise, I like collaborating with Daniela from Garderob. We have similar views. She is very apt and has an exquisite touch, while I contribute with the technical aspect. When it comes to materials – I use the same intuitive approach. Recently, I found a new material for me – aluminum and I’m quite impressed by its possibilities.

Who are some of the other Bulgarian designers whose work you admire and follow?

Thank god, recently there are more and more Bulgarian designers who do interesting things. I’ll not try naming them because I’m afraid I might miss someone.

What is the professional achievement you are most proud of? 

I cannot say exactly what i’m most proud of, but my most recent achievement is the invention and production of shoes with Daniela from Garderob. The material we have chosen – evapren is a microporous rubber for the shoe industry, I have known and used it for 6-7 years now but for other purposes. Interestingly enough, this time we are using it according to its original designation. We are trying to make a series of shoes ready to wear.

What is your dream project?

Every new project is such.

What are some of your most recent plans and projects?

I’m currently developing a series of aluminum lighting fixtures. The production is entirely manual and is done by a man with 50 years experience with lathe. I am very impressed by his work and he is a true master. Hopefully, I’ll be able to show the project very soon.

The other project I have undertaken recently is going to be realized through the Kickstarter platform. It’s about a stool made out of corrugated cardboard which is called “ONE PCS” – one piece stool. Its name comes from the fact that it was made from a single sheet of five-layered corrugated cardboard. You don’t need any tools in order to assemble it. You just have to follow the folding lines. I believe that the project has a lot of potential, because the chair is made out of recycled paper and is very light, and in the same time very durable.

What do you expect from your Milano participation?

I expect not to expect anything of Milano.