Design for Europe is a three-year European Commission funded programme that aims to boost the use of design in both the public and private sectors as a means to drive innovation – and ultimately stimulate economic growth and job creation.

Design for Europe wants to raise awareness of the power of design as a catalyst to create better products and services, increase profits and improve customer experience.

There are a number of ways you can benefit from Design for Europe and get involved, whether you are a business, not-for-profit or public sector organisation or are unfamiliar with design or a design expert:

  • Visit for insight, useful resources and case studies from a growing community who are using design to improve business, the public sector and policymaking.
  • Sign-up to the Design for Europe newsletter – to get the latest insights and updates on new resources, case studies and events
  • If you have already used design as a means for innovation or improved service delivery– please share your case studies or stories with the Design for Europe team:  Your case study or resource may feature on the Design for Europe website.
  • Join the debate on the Design for Europe website, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Share your experiences or use the channels to ask questions about design-led innovation
  • Attend a Design for Europe event. There are many events happening all over Europe.  Details of these can be found on the site
  • Spread the word about Design for Europe – tell your networks/contacts and encourage them to sign-up for the Design for Europe newsletter
  • If you’re organising an event and are looking for speakers in the field of design innovation, Design for Europe can help. It has a consortium of 14 partners and a high profile expert group