As part of the first edition of Absolut Creative Space in Sofia and our content work on the theme of sustainability and creativity through design, we invited PUNKT workshop to move their atelier for the duration of the festival in one of the four spaces of the pimped ship containers. Every day they would come in their white aprons and use their tools to build 7 chairs out of old furniture and discarded wooden parts. They were an inseparable background to all daily happenings at the festival. The end result was both visually attractive and functionally characteristic.

PUNKT workshop are Maria Mladenova, Ivaylo Mitev and Petar Kamenov who joined forces in 2010. They started their own design studio focused on the up-cycling of old, broken and unusable furniture and materials. The results are handcrafted and functional art objects like furniture, lamps and toys. They can be found either roaming the globe for good humour and ideas, or working quietly in the yard of their workshop, based in a beautiful old house in a central part of Sofia.