Our article on the story behind the new short animated movie by Vessela Dancheva and Ivan Bogdanov got picked up for a cover of the latest issue of Capital LIGHT. The13 minutes non-dialogue, picturesque narration revolves around the extreme limits of personal freedom and one’s place in a society, sometimes lead by an unsuitable leader ruining its very foundations. Our focus was more on the visual representation of the characters and the artistic director – the talented Rossitsa Raleva. We also touched upon the music, carried by the magic Bulgarian voices of ‘Eva Quartet’ and ‘Yulangelo Ensemble’. It’s a fantastic animated tale about seeking one’s true identity and freedom.

The movie is co-produced by the Croatian Bonobostudio and is already amassing awards at the festivals. Take a look at the trailer of Travelling Country – here.

The full version of the article can be read in our column for Capital LIGHT in print and on-line.