On the occasion of the ninth edition of the international festival One Architecture Week, we reviewed the work of the prolific and renowned architecture practice Atelier Bow-Wow for our column at Capital Light. One of the founders – Momoyo Kaijima – gives a minimal interview before coming to Plovdiv:


> Where did the name Bow-Wow come from?
We like a dog.

> What is architecture to you?
Life and culture.

> What are you seeking to invest in your work?
Life and culture in the society

> Most people do not consider architecture very deeply, or at all. How can the work of architects trigger the establishment of criteria in order to appreciate and understand better what we are looking at or the conditions of our living environment?
Reading of architecture and finding the meaning.

> In the context of the topic of the ninth edition of One Architecture Week () what are some of your observations and experience on activating the potential of the citizens?

> What is one plausible future scenario for the Plattenbau?
It is different meanings in the context.

> What are you curious about to see/learn when in Plovdiv?

> Who are some of your heroes and inspirations in architecture right now?
Machiya and Minka with life.

> Books you’d always recommend to an architect or architect-lover?
Commonalities by Atelier Bow-Wow!

> If you put any preconceptions out of your mind, what do you think will be your spontaneous thought on the value and purpose of the discipline, what will you be willing to do next (as a building, exhibition, publication, etc)?
Fisherman village and forest.