The specific style of jewellery designer Neva Balnikova could hardly go unnoticed. Her accessory pieces are easily recognisable and make a striking impression with their unconventional design, the curious combination of materials and the ability to give new life and character to everyday objects. Albeit the demand for constantly reinventing and finding new work methods in her work, the self-taught designer stays true to her established characteristic style – rough and raw shapes and materials combined in precisely selected colour combinations.

In Bulgaria Neva Balnikova is already famous among young jewellers and one of the favourite authors of bold wearable accessories. The next logical step for her is to release her creations on new markets.

We meet Neva while in busy preparation for her first solo exhibition abroad. After several years of selling Balnikova’s jewellery, Gallery Fritz in Berlin now is hosting her first show in Germany. The beginning of this cooperation goes back to a few years ago when the Bulgarian designer walks around various Berlin galleries in search of inspiration. “I was very surprised to stumble upon Fritz gallery which was unlike any other I’ve seen up to that moment. Unlike the typical German style of display of jewellery under old-fashioned glass lids and windows, the gallery offered an unusual and contemporary approach,” she remembers. Gallery Fritz proved different and also very open to young artists like Neva.


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