On the occasion of the group exhibition Ice Cream Crush* with jewellery created by ten Bulgarian designers presented at  Munich Jewellery Week 2017, we introduce you to the participants:

Victor Pavlov

On the style of your work:


Share an aspect of your project you are particularly proud of:

I’m not sure if proudness is exactly what I feel, but I managed to convey the idea, the feeling and the form I was searching for.


Preferred materials of work:

I love working with metals. Much of my education is dedicated to the subject of metal, so I know its properties, uniqueness and quality. It makes me feel good when handling the various types of metals.

Professional related expectations from Munich Jewellery Week 2017:

I do not expect anything particular. I hope people visit the exhibition and leave inspired.

 *We are proudly standing behind the first group exhibition of Bulgarian contemporary jewellery makers at the international and widely acclaimed event Munich Jewellery Week, organised by the cross-disciplinary platform and independent magazine discussing contemporary jewellery in the context of today’s visual culture Current Obsession. Marked as #51 on the participants’ map, the exhibition ICE CREAM CRUSH is adjusted at Del Fiore Gelato.