On the occasion of the group exhibition Ice Cream Crush* with jewellery created by ten Bulgarian designers presented at  Munich Jewellery Week 2017, we introduce you to the participants:

Evgeniya Tsancova

On the style of your work:

It is in the approach to the material and the idea, not the visual effect. My goal is not to form an end in itself, but to show the process of development.

Share an aspect of your project you are particularly proud of:

“Connections” is a collection in development, which is the inspiring part to me. My other project – BLICK, which is a collaboration with Yana Tankovska, is also charged with a lot of potential.

Evgenia Tsankova, Yana Tankovska Block

Preferred materials of work:

Experimentation. I’m constantly looking for different ways to work with various materials, seeking to release them from their predetermined way of viewing and discover new frontiers in their use. I believe that this process is open and there are no rules for “What?” and “How?”.

Favourite design object or concept jeweller:

A favorite design object would be the one which makes me communicate, wear or play with it. As a comprehensive approach to the functionality of the object, I admire Gijs Bakker, but also constantly discover new and interesting artists such as Kazumi Nagano, Jing Yang and Patricia Domingues.

Professional related expectations from Munich Jewellery Week 2017:

This is a forum that reflects what is happening in the field of conceptual jewellery at the moment. It’s great that we are part of the event. I expect the unexpected!


*We are proudly standing behind the first group exhibition of Bulgarian contemporary jewellery makers at the international and widely acclaimed event Munich Jewellery Week, organised by the cross-disciplinary platform and independent magazine discussing contemporary jewellery in the context of today’s visual culture Current Obsession. Marked as #51 on the participants’ map, the exhibition ICE CREAM CRUSH is adjusted at Del Fiore Gelato.