On the occasion of the group exhibition Ice Cream Crush* with jewellery created by ten Bulgarian designers presented at  Munich Jewellery Week 2017, we introduce you to the participants:

Zwetelina Alexieva

On the style of your work:

Powered by nature.

Share an aspect of your project you are particularly proud of:

It is a personal interpretation of a traditional Japanese technique, called “mitsuro”.

Preferred materials of work:

With precious metals – I like things that are made to last, but it is more challenging to find an individual language using traditional materials. The durability forces you to be more conscious and responsible towards your work, because it could be there for a very long time.

Favourite design object or concept jeweller:

I like the Japanese concept of imperfection. One way to give a soul to an object is to leave the traces of your hand. I like as well the idea of transcendence: it means I believe that there is an inherent beauty and value in objects and it can be seen independently of the time and place they are created.

Professional related expectations from Munich Jewellery Week 2017:

It is a bit of “learning by seeing and thinking about it”. In the daily work I seldom devote that much time to observation, inquiry and reflection. The jewellery week is a “retreat” to basic questions about work, creation, values and meaning.