The multidisciplinary character of our creative consultancy often engages us in some unexpected but quite interesting projects, like WEAR Sustain – “an all European initiative engaging designers, visual artists, engineers, inventors, coders, technologists etc. to co-create ‘the next generation wearables and e-textiles’, and help pave the way for future ethical, sustainable, environmental and aesthetic technologies.”

We have been invited by the Bulgarian group of partners to the project –  Digital Spaces Living Lab and Smart Fab Lab to support them locally by being the link with the design sector and also assist in the formation of a Balkan hub for WEAR Sustain.

{Link to the visualisation which has appeared in the Independent}

This is what is ahead of us and how you can take part in this developing challenge.

The project is going to be launched with an event on the 30th of March, followed by a weekend of hackathon-ing. You can participate by joining the happenings through the following link: 

Find out more about WEAR Sustain events in Sofia on the Facebook page.