The incomparable and multitalented visual artist Vicky Knysh is holding her first design class at the beginning of April in Generator. As organisers of the event for Generator, we from Studio Komplekt, are thrilled and excited to be part of this creative adventure. Expect to learn some behind the scenes moves about her characteristic drawings and how they come to life in various situations and formats – pictures, short animation, motion graphics, mobile applications, showcases and various products. Minushka – Knysh’s personal brand – embodies her colourful and full of heroic world and will be present as well at the end of the event to take away some of her wonderful goodies.

Currently Vicky is based in Dublin, where she is professionally balancing between illustration, animation and commercial design. In Sofia she will delve into the subject of how one can master the art of keeping their creativity awaken. She has also invited two special guests, equally successful and inspiring designers – Assya Koleva and Mila Lozanova

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While we sharpen our pencils for April, read some personal thoughts from Vicky about various topics:

How do you like to start and end each day? I love my day starting slowly, with a little yoga and planning the tasks. But in reality my mornings are not at all quiet. However, yoga is happening.

What’s your view on design and illustration? My look on the design totally changed as I moved to Dublin. The difference between Bulgaria and Ireland is enormous. What I’m still learning here is that design is not just beautiful, but also solves problems. The illustration has unlimited possibilities and is a very flexible means of work. With the improvement of digital media, she will have more and more life and she is going to develop in new directions.

Who and what are your biggest influences?  The difficult projects which I managed to realise despite the fact that my legs were trembling, but I still managed to do them. My family and friends, and living in 3 different countries.

You have a well curated Instagram profile. What’s your relationship to social media and your audience?
I really love Instagram and I find it the perfect platform for a creative person. Social media is a super tool, but as with the case of sugar, one must consume it carefully. My audience is creative people who work as such or simply seek inspiration.

Do you have a philosophy or motto that you live by? I believe it is important to keep your inner child awake because you can create through it.

What makes you laugh? Children and Irish people after having a few drinks.

Currently listening to/reading/watching: I listen to podcasts, read TWO CARAVANS by Marina Lewycka and watch a lot of animations.

Do you have favourite tools for your work? I’ve been drawing more and more with Procreate on iPad lately, I’m just addicted to it.

What great things did you discover in 2017 and what do you expect most for 2018? In 2017 I worked in an advertising agency and I remember how every day I wanted to find a way to be a freelancer. Also, in order to create, you do not need many techniques and schemes, you must use whatever you have and just go with it. In 2018 I expect to run my first class in design and meet many new wonderful people.