At the end of March, we launched a series of curated meetings MELBA LIVE at which we get acquainted with up-to-date and remarkable projects realised by local design heroes. The invited guests share experience as the main focus is the ideas, details and processes behind each task. Like the online MELBA archive, here we rely on the quality and deliberate blending of design spheres as well.

In this first edition we had the honor to welcome the latest professional endeavours by Sklada and N8, Venelin Shurelov and NEXT-DC.

Galia Zannato / Sklada and N8 told the story of the Ping-Pong production – a propitious collaboration between the showroom for high end design brands and Bulgarian visual creatives. In this game of ping-pong between them as producers and the designers as creators of new objects, each one has an important role in the exchange of ideas, their processing and the final realization, which manages to appear in all its wonderful glory – labeled and branded on the shelves of 8 Shishman Street. Galya also mentioned the humanity as an important trait of design – as the discipline which takes care of our everyday enjoyment of life through the use of well-designed objects, clothes, devices and environments.

Venelin Shurelov talked about his interactive installation Abecedarium Bulgaricum – placed in the buildings of the Council of Europe in Brussels on the occasion of the Bulgarian EU Presidency The name of the project is a direct reference to the Bulgarian alphabet and its idea is for the visitors to get acquainted with the rareness of the Cyrillic alphabet in the form of a game. Venelin presented in more detail the motives for his decisions in the presentation of the installation and the collaboration with other designers, such as the DontDIY architectural studio, whose furniture is actively involved in final stylish presentation.

Pocket Science is a campaign by VISA with a concept and realization by our MELBA partners – NEXT-DC. Extremely meaningful and adequately engaging teenagers, the campaign aims to get them to learn more about money management by providing them with attractive incentives – cool clothes and accessories. And as the presentation showed – the amount of t-shirts, sweaters, hats and other was immediately exhausted.  But the strongest proof of the success of the initiative is the result of the interactions with the students, which through the completed petitions succeeded in bringing the financial literacy as a main course in the curriculum of the secondary schools throughout Bulgaria – currently the class “Our Money” is a fact in 50 schools in over 30 Bulgarian cities.

We are preparing MELBA LIVE #2 for the 31st of May / Thursday after 7 pm at Generator with a free entrance. Expect more news soon.