Delicate colour splashes, as if gently soaked in water, somehow spilled out and out of brush control, subtly capture the beauty of everyday life. More often dedicated to nature, but also to the quietness of the city life, in a cozy moment of contemplation or contentment. Attracted by Veronica Belcheva’s drawings, we invite her to borrow one of her illustrations to celebrate the end of summer season and to use it as a cover for our Facebook page. We take this opportunity to pay her artistic approach a closer look. You will see for yourself that Belronika is delightful.

About yourself
I grew up in Sofia with frequent vacations in the countryside, which explains my affinity for living in quiet green places with rivers and trees. For several years I have been painting, illustrating books and other publications, and nowadays I am a secretary of a castle-residence for artists in the deep French countryside, running drawing activities for children and all sorts of other things.

Style of drawing
Sentimental-naive, innocent drawings. I see myself somewhere between the aesthetics of the Japanese drawings and the Scandinavian illustrations.

First-aid kit for the painter
A few months ago I acquired a driving license and a new world opened. I take the car and the dog and drive all over Bulgaria. The sketchbook is always in the backpack – I draw waterfalls, forests, buildings, people, eco trails, fill dozens of notebooks with pictures, the dog steps on the sheets, it rains, in general, I live on the field with my works and I am quite happy. Probably the watercolors remain my favorite way of expression and they are the cheapest paints, I like Schminke, Sennelier, but I also have a palette of 20 colors for 10 leva, which I love and use for months. Recently a friend brought me a bag of acrylic gouache Holbein from Japan, great. Over time, paints are slowly losing their meaning and it becomes more important what I have to express; who knows – someday I can start drawing with blueberry juice and coffee, all the same, the important thing is that I love to paint.

All illustrations are Belronika’s. Find more of them in Instagram or on her web site.