Just a few days left till the second edition of the festival for design in Sofia MELBA. See the full program on our new website and save the dates for:

The opening of the exhibition Review of Bulgarian Design 2019 on 7th of November at 18:00 at Port.A on 5 Triaditsa street, Sofia. The exhibition is a selection of works of 30 Bulgarian artists and designers from different fields, such as graphic design, product design, fashion and others.
The exhibition is with free entrance.



Maria Nalbantova 


Twisted Mud – ceramics 


Punkt – Regionale Plovdiv 



The International Symposium with exclusive in their field lecturers, which presents diverse perspective of design in one day. Find out more about the lecturers on our website. We end the symposium day with a great party of the Canadian DJ Heidy P at bar TELL ME, see more here.
Tickets for the symposium you can find here.
Tickets for the full program of the festival, including symposium, party and films you can find here.

Dean Brown – Product design, Installations, Material experimentations. 


Grilli Type –  Typography 


Rotor – Sustainability, Re-use of Materials, Consultancy, Curatorial work


Shuka Design – Brand design, Visual identity, Campaigns


Joe Caslin – Street art, Activism 


Zupagrafika –  Graphic design, Publishing 


IAM –  Internet, Digital Culture,  Media 


Calvert Journal – Visual culture, Editorial Work, Media


The film program which begins on 10th of November with a good coffee and the film The Aeropress, followed by the film Rams. The rest of the movies are scattered till the end of November. All the projections will held place at Generator.
The festival ticket which you can buy here, includes the film program.
Films can also be watched without festival pass, on the price of 5 leva, payment on the date and place of the projection.

10th of November, Sunday at 18:00


10th of November, Sunday at 18:00


Design Canada
12th of November, Tuesday at 19:00


Graphic Means
22nd of November, Friday at 19:00


27th of November, Wednesday at 19:00


Kusama; Infinity
3oth of November, Saturday at 18:00


And some more extras, such as:

The exhibition Young Balkan Designers, part of one of our partnerships, opening on 11th of November at Missia 23.

Visitation of the new building of Site Ground – a great example how to create sustainable and humane working spaces, as well as an occasion to see the periphery of the city differently – with the guest lecture – Elitza Panajotova.

We have no patience to share everything we have worked on for the past few months.

Tickets can be found here.




Melba Sofia Design Festival is part of Melba design initiatives and it is continuation of the launched at the end of 2017 by Studio Komplekt in partnership with Next DC and Sofia Municipality’s Culture Program ” Dynamic archive for Bulgarian Design MELBA” | melba.bg.

Idea and realization of the festival:
Studio Komplekt

Co-organizer and visual identity: 


The project is financed by

Sofia Municipality’s Culture Program

Digital partner archive and exhibition:

Partners symposium:
Embassy of Ireland Sofia
Polish Cultural Institute
National Palace of Culture, Sofia 

Official transport:
Bulgaria Air

Partner film program: 
Fashion Days
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