Tell us about time flying by fast! Without noticing, it’s been two years since we started gathering favorite local design heroes into regular meetings, during which they share details of a new project and lift the curtain of some behind the scenes creative work processes. Open and engaging to everyone with an interest in visual culture, Melba’s live events have become anticipated occasions to learn more about the power of design and how the discipline contributes to our overall well-being.

In our jubilee 10th issue, we sought to present projects that are team-driven and dependent on the interplay between different talents and abilities.

Kapka Kuneva barely needs introduction. Distinguished on numerous occasions for her artistic design of books, specifically embracing the paper as a medium to shape illustrations, she teaches at the National Academy of Arts “Book and Print Graphics”. Last year Kapka Kuneva gathers a star cast of contemporary female artists each one to draw a portrait for the book”I am a Bulgarian” by the writer Petya Alexandrova. The publication gains instant popularity, and in February the works of art had their own focus in the exhibition “History in Portraits – 40 Women Who Changed Bulgaria”.

Yana Tankovska is among the well-established and recognized contemporary designers of jewellery and interior accessories. Several years ago along with some other close colleagues of hers establishes the gallery FORMAT. Their team goes through a variety of professional challenges and closes the location only to resurrect it last year in kvARTal. Such vicissitudes teach the most important lessons in life, and Yana has something to share about how to manage a collective creative activity, what dreams may turn into and the normality of leaving a favorite project..

Delcho Delchev is one of the brightest transformers in our milieu. An architect by education and a tireless activist by heart, he is one of the founders of the famous Transformatori group. He subsequently turned his attention to an even grander adventure – the establishment of a Bulgarian branch of the international SmartFabLab. Thanks to numerous collaborations and openness to experimentation, the laboratory has become a successful incubator for meaningful prototypes, some of which are already being mass-produced and marketed as sustainable products. Delcho will be in the company of Nona Tsekova and together they will talk about some of the bright collaborations in SmartFabLab.

From the very beginning of Melba Live Fashion Days has been our friend and supporter, for which we are extremely grateful. Together we always strive to have a small surprise for the audience related to the work of the designers of the Melba Archive. This time, it will be a poster-zine with an illustration by the artist Daniela Yankova.

We will be happy to see you on the 17th of March, 2020 in Generator.
Link to the Facebook event.