The collective drive to invent a variety of small or grandiose solutions and gestures to improve everyday life stands out even more in the ubiquitous times of emergency. They come as a proof of the fantastic labor and creativity of designers to invent ways that can make us happy and be of serve for a long time. Their ideas draw new patterns of interaction with our environment, motivated by a common sense of valuable contribution.

We launch a new initiative-invitation to all designers – send your idea, prototype or already realised project that you would like to present to the world to power it with the opportunity for a more meaningful and better way of life, a certain solution to a current problem or with courage, hope and spontaneous joy. We welcome all design disciplines, and with no limits to creativity.

Why participate:

We’ll upload the project to our Facebook covers and share it on all our media (Instagram and website) with a short presentation. Some of the works will be selected for presentation in the third annual edition of the exhibition Review of Bulgarian Design, part of Melba – Sofia Design Festival in November 2020.

How to participate:

Send us your creative idea, prototype or already realised project related to the topic New Models of Everyday Life. The framework is wide and it can be anything – illustration, graphics, 3D print, intervention in an urban environment, product, prototype of a real product or application, media, provocation for a certain community, support for a small business, communication, identity, interactive experiment, digital museum … The important requirement is that you are a designer of Bulgarian origin, the idea is original, and related to the creation of design for the current world now.

And more specifically:

– all materials should be send to / subject Оpen Call New Everyday Models; 
– files should be mastered in well known formats like .pdf, .jpeg, .gif, or assembled in Dropbox, Google drive, similar type of online portfolio;
– short description: title of the idea, name of designer/studio + links (site, social media), up to five sentences on the story of the idea – the motivation behind it and how it can be developed in the future.

The invitation is open from today until the 19th of August 2020.

Thank you in advance for your participation and we remain available for questions.

Follow us – and and our social media for the development of the initiative:Instagram Studio Komplekt  / Facebook Studio Komplekt /  Instagram Melba / Facebook Melba.