This week we launched the initiative New Models of Everyday Life – an invitation to designers from all disciplines and creative dedications to send their idea, prototype or a realized project that gives a solution to a specific problem, offers a better approach, provokes reflection and expands our worldview, or gives us courage, hope and joy. Some of the received projects will be included in the annual exhibition Review of Bulgarian Design, scheduled for November 2020 as part of the annual Melba Festival.

We are happy to present the first participant who accepted our invitation to open and inaugurate the initiative. This is Maria – an independent illustrator, founder of “Missmetoday?”, a lover of unicorns and chocolate. She sincerely loves her job and tries to find as much time for it as possible every day. The work “Mariana”, shown here, is part of the long-planned project “City Heroines”, which is currently being implemented with the support of Sofia Municipality, under the initiative “Solidarity in Culture”. “City Heroines” focuses on the unexpected and not well recognized champions and Maria has already prepared a long list of most diverse ladies, where the personal story always leads the way.

“Today, a special emphasis is placed on women’s rights and their support for each other. But what impressed me is that the focus is mainly on ladies from the past or those who have already succeeded. These examples are wonderful and inspiring, but I find it much more motivating to draw inspiration from someone who is available and you can meet every day. I myself am constantly looking for such examples and I am extremely interested in how each of us copes with the hardships of life. I want to shift the perspective to the present and the unexpected heroines of everyday life.”

Here is what Maria shares about Mariana: at her small place you can find everything – from meatballs, through french fries, to burek peppers. I love the neighbourhood pubs and small bistros, where it is not shiny and is often unsightly, but it is insanely delicious and you can talk to any customer as if you were childhood friends. Mariana saved my life when my daughter was still a small baby. We ate with her regularly. Later, when my daughter turned 2, she started eating her meals. For a long time we accepted Mariana almost as a member of the family. Today, Mariana continues to work on the front line. You can find her on Hemus, opposite the 102 bus stop.

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New models of everyday life is a project of Studio Komplekt, part of our Melba design initiatives. Participate with your creative idea, prototype or realization. The frames are wide and welcoming all forms of creativity and design. You will find more details here.