Thanks to all designers who are responding to our invitation to submit their idea or prototype in the initiative New Models of Everyday – a selection of these would be presented in the third edition of the exhibition Review of Bulgarian Design Now in November 2020 as part of the festival MELBA.

Proud to present our second participant – Zahari Radev with his portable grill and fire pit – RAZGAR. It was created with the idea that it can be easily and conveniently transported anywhere, without the need for unnecessary fuss or maintenance. Especially suitable for camping, which does not leave a mark. We find a special charm in the personal story behind the creation of the product. RAZGAR takes us back to the 1970s, when the great-grandfather of the industrial designer Zahari Radev made his first barbecue grill out of an old metal drawer. The present sees an improved and perfected version of his idea.

The product also bears the mission to support small crafts and enterprises, to pay tribute to crafts and the tradition of transmitting such valuable and masterful hand skills. Following the example of the industry of this past, RAZGAR is created to be used for a long time, to be extremely durable and even made of natural materials. Its author Zahari Radev shares:

RAZGAR has been developed in the last two years to reach the current look. The starting point is the inspiration and admiration I have for my great-grandfather. This product shows respect for him and his family of industrial revolutionaries. RAZGAR was invented, tested and put into production with the idea to be produced in Bulgaria by craftsmen and master specialists in this field, to support small productions, studios and workshops, as it was during the times of my great-grandfather and his family.

Follow RAZGAR or order one for yourselves at the product’s web site here or in Instagram.


New Models of Everyday is a project by Studio Komplekt and part of our design initiatives Melba. Participate with your creative idea, prototype or realisation. The frames are wide and welcoming all forms of creativity and design. You will find more detailshere.