CENTRAL BALKAN NATIONAL PARK – 30th anniversary celebration

Commissioned by: Central Balkan National Park
Task: organization and realisation of an event, hosting
Time frame: Sept – Dec 2021

In 2021, one of the largest protected areas in Bulgaria and Europe, the Central Balkan National Park celebrated 30 years since its establishment. The team of the organization is located in Gabrovo, and the celebration itself was planned to take place in Sofia. Our role was to organise, coordinate, manage everything in place and also host the ceremony.

The celebration was related to the chronology of the history of the Central Balkan National Park, but also as a gesture of respect to all specialists and teams engaged daily in the implementation of activities dedicated to the successful maintenance and development of the park. The 72 employees who do their job responsibly and devotedly, driven mostly by their love for the Balkans. The history and activities of the park are an example of sustainable care for nature, for a more valuable and meaningful connection with it. Established in 1991, today it is the third largest protected area in the country, which houses 9 reserves of exceptional biodiversity. The organization and implementation of such a project brought us both satisfaction and more knowledge about the unique natural resources of our country.

The designated location was the National Museum “Earth and Man“. The event had to be formal and tight as guests because of the Covid-19 epidemic restrictions. The audience consisted mainly of distinguished guests such as the Minister of Environment and Water Assen Lichev and the directors of all national parks in the country. The program contained several highlights. An exhibition of selected children’s drawings from a national competition entitled “Central Balkan through my eyes”, in which 118 participants in three age categories interpreted the beauties of the mountain. Another pivotal part of the program was the  moving musical performance of the string player Angel Dobrev (longtime soloist in the folk music orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio and lecturer at Sofia University), accompanied on the tambourine by Veli Chaushev (soloist in the folk music orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio) and the folk singer Velichka Chausheva.