The Evolution of Decor Through Digital Printing – Event and Article

Ordered by: Canon Bulgaria

Agency: Paragraph 42

Task: Create content and an article to keep an event

June 2019, Generator, Sofia

Canon Bulgaria and the PR agency Paragraph42 are launching in a special way and in front of a selected audience the large format digital printing machines of the brand. Our task was to present contemporary trends in personalizing interior solutions as the most preferred, appropriate and applicable approach, especially when technically feasible. We discussed the attractiveness and uniqueness of such design solutions and their popularization in Bulgaria.

Designers and architects often seek new opportunities for their imagination to offer and implement in reality. Canon aims to familiarize them with the diversity of digitally printed decor and what can be achieved as colors, saturation, durability and media. Printing on wall panels, furniture, stickers, wallpapers, glass and windows, doors, flooring and stickers, wood and other bases is an achievable reality that attracts more and more followers for impressive results.

We were involved in the task from the beginning. After a thorough study, reading through promotional brochures, and getting acquainted with interesting cases, we wrote an article about the latest trends in personalized décor with examples of their successful and distinct application for Canon’s dedicated site.

The live event took place at Generator in early June, and we invited designers, architects and artists who might be interested in using the technique. Besides presentations and a Q&A session, the happening was accompanied by the exhibition of arch. Mariana Sarbova – CANVAS. Arch. Serbova takes advantage of the rich options of digital printing on wood, creating a high-value and stylish artistic product that ages very well and fits in different contexts. The visuals are printed on Canon OCE Arizona.

During the event, we also touched on the role of technological innovation in personalizing interior, decorative and artistic projects that release the imagination and skills of designers and architects. The event culminated in a discussion of specific projects, products and technical parameters with representatives from the printing studios familiar with the capabilities of the machines.

Photography by: Nikolay Pandev