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Upon the invitation of the Municipality of Gabrovo and in the duration of 6 months Studio Komplekt worked on the creation of a strategy for the development of new communication and advertising for the town of Gabrovo. Focusing on exploring and “digesting” the public’s attitudes and positives in the city, our work ended with an extensive analysis of the results and specific directions for the next step in the process.

The Municipality of Gabrovo is the initiator of a particularly important process for positioning the city as a place of high quality of life for its residents and as an attractive destination for those who still do not know it well.

In its essence, GABROVO LOOKS FOR is an initiative for building recognizable visual communication. This is the first phase of the process, which explores the potential messages associated with this upgraded positioning of Gabrovo as an attractive and full of potentials city. The highlights revolve around its strong assets such as preserved historical heritage and natural diversity, colorful and active cultural life, international events, an affordable weekend destination, a place for entrepreneurship and an economy on the rise, suitable for work and starting a family. The second stage of this process would continue with the application of these messages in specific verbal and visual communication and advertising for Gabrovo.

The target groups are the residents of the city, the guests of the city – from Bulgaria and abroad, business representatives (Bulgarian and international companies with an interest to cooperate with local businesses or with an interest to start their own in the city), new settling families, especially those with small children, freelancers who work from different locations (programmers, translators, writers, etc.), media – local, national, international, bloggers, influencers, and all local institutions.


QUESTIONNAIRE – citizens of Gabrovo, online, period 15.05 – 15.06.2019 | 309 respondents
The so-called informal online poll has as its main purpose to seek the opinion of the citizens of Gabrovo about their sense of the city.

REPRESENTATIVE STUDY – national, DWiseFactory Agency, period 7.06 – 13.06.2019 | 397 respondents
Which gives a clearer idea of where the city is located as an image and direct associations among non-Gabrovians.


For the purposes of the project, it is of utmost importance to hear the opinions of the Gabrovo people and make them feel involved in the process of developing the new visual communication of their city. Studio Komplekt’s team held eight formal meetings, including a visit to the journalism class at the Aprilovska National High School, as well as spontaneous informal ones at various locations around the city.

Comparison between the results of the three survey methods.

The analysis and the results are published on the website of the Municipality of Gabrovo here.

Client: Gabrovo Municipality

Task: Strategy for building new communication and advertising in the city of Gabrovo

Collaborators: Denitsa Simeonova / expert data analysis and Data Wise / research and data analysis

Period of realization: January – June 2019  

Project photographer: Rossina Pencheva

We sincerely thank all Gabrovo people who took the time and shared their opinions, thus helping to accomplish the task fully. Special thanks to Tanya Hristova (Mayor of Gabrovo), Velimira Hristova (PR), Nella Rachevitz (Deputy Mayor of Gabrovo), Margarita Dorovska (Director of the House of Humor and Satire).