HOMO FABER GUIDE – an online platform for craftsmanship from Europe
Created by Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship

Studio Komplekt is responsible for the presentation of Bulgarian contemporary craftsmen, galleries and museums in the digital platform Homo Faber, created by Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship. Launched in September 2020, it features profiles of over 650 artisans from 25 European countries in over 100 cities. This is a fantastic opportunity to get acquainted with the skills, talents and creativity in hand-making exquisite items, as well as with traditions and cultures being still alive and developed to this day. Along with the mastery of undeniable talents, Homo Faber navigates the visitor comfortably through the opportunities to visit galleries and museums, as well as through special experiences in each of the countries involved. The platform is a true feast for the visual senses.

Studio Komplekt, together with the Regional Ethnographic Open-Air Museum Etar, has the honour to propose some of the Bulgarian craftsmen invited to the platform, as well as to write the texts and coordinate their presentation. The section dedicated to Bulgaria is to be enriched with more artisans, places for visits and experiences. Be sure to take a walk around the different parts of Europe through the amazing, unique and colourful creative professions that these masters skilfully practice to create beautiful objects in our everyday life – from musical instruments, through textiles and furniture, to ceramics, glass, jewellery and many more.