IKEA ART EVENT 2021 – audio guide

Commissioned by: Paragraph 42 for IKEA Bulgaria
Task: text editing, voice over
Time frame: March – April 2021

Over the years we’ve had many good opportunities for collaboration with the Bulgarian team of IKEA. Together we have managed to attract as lecturers in our initiatives leading international product designers working for the brand, as well as to create and implement original and with a lasting resonance events.

In spring 2021 we received a more unusual invitation – Adriana Andreeva to be the audio guide for the new IKEA Art Event collection. The task included editing the collection’s main text and recording a voice over in a studio. The final audio guide was used to accompany both the local PR campaign and the exhibition in the Sofia store, where visitors could listen to it while viewing the collection.

The items from the latest and sixth IKEA Art Event collection have been created by artists and designers from around the world who show the magical fusion between art and design, between abstract expressiveness and practical application. Everyday objects acquire a new meaning – the lamp can be an art story and the vase – an excuse. That is why the decision to present them as an exposition is a logical and attractive approach to their overall perception.

Listen to the history of each of the objects here.