MUTANT – pop-up exhibition by PROTOTYPE, a project dedicated to art, culture and innovations on the initiative of SOCIETE GENERALE EXPRESSBANK


Assingment: Conception, realization and text

Participants: Jenya Adamova, Artelie and Nikoleta Nosovska, Neva Balnikova, Ceca Georgieva, Emilia Emileva, Evgenia Ilkova, Blagovesta Kenova, Kapka Kaneva, Nadejda Petrova, Stampa, Nikolay Sardamov, tochka & tochka, Silvia Chaneva

Curatorial project: Studio Komplekt

Set design: Eva Ventova

Graphic design: Punkt Studio

July 2018, Varna

The pop-up exhibition “Mutant – second nature for material, form and theme” is not the first time we transform a bank office into a gallery space. In 2017 we presented the pop-up exhibition “State of Motion”in Sofia, with the participation of 10 multidisciplinary artists. Now we continue with “Mutant” in Varna.
MUTANT is an exhibition devoted to objects created by Bulgarian visual artists. It presents mutated forms of existence that transform materials, drawings, trends, structures, messages and themes. It pays tribute to the imagination, flexibility and adaptability of the artistic solutions of the surrent generation of Bulgarian designers. Their creative reactions provoke experiments in the visual expression – often abandoning established formats, media, and the need for a specific function. Like nature, desig and art mutate to find new ways of existence.

PROTOTYPE is an outstanding project of Societe Generale Expressbank which supports young Bulgarian contemporary artists by presenting them and making their works accessible to a diverse audience. PROTOTYPE will continue to built more events, lectures and art workshops for everyone. In parallel with the events, the bank is also developing its web platform in which it presents various cultural events, authors and information about the upcoming initiatives that are part of the platform.


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