The packaging of everyday products may not be your typical subject of analytical thinking, yet we register it subconsciously and thus it inevitably shapes our notions of aesthetics and functionality, playing its role in our visual culture.

The exhibition brings to the spotlight original packaging and labels created by Bulgarian graphic designers and illustrators in the last couple of years. In line with the festival’s mission to support and present good design practices, the selection is by no means bound to the commercial success of the products the packages actually sell. It aims to promote different approaches to packaging design, high aesthetic standards and attention to detail. It offers a very subjective selection based on a few criteria: novelty, creative approach, well structured message, catchy branding, consumer appeal, subtle and clever added value, final execution that takes our aesthetic notions to a new level.

From supermarket shelves to fashion stores, packages are now exhibits. The show presents a wide range of products – from fast-moving consumer goods to boutique articles. In the final selection of 20 good design examples visitors will recognize a favorite beer, package of flour or hand cream. Their designs serve different communication goals and offer diverse visual solutions, but they all bow to one worthy mission – to present their contents with dignity and the added value of successful and unique design.

Curators: Studio Komplekt
Set design: DontDIY