Launch of PROTOTYPE – new platform supporting young Bulgarian contemporary art by SOCIETE GENERALE EXPRESSBANK 



Specification: exhibition concept, event management (team, production, organisation, communication), texts


artists – Valko Chobanov, Krassimira Butseva, Maria Nalbantova, Martina Vacheva, Michaela Lakova, Mila Chorbadzhieva, Miriana Todorova, Stefan Karchev

Set design – Eva Ventova

photography – Yana Lozeva

video – George Yanakiev

JUNE 2017, Sofia

We were invited by SOCIETE GENERALE EXPRESSBANK to work on the launch of PROTOTYPE – a new platform created and sustained by the bank in support of Bulgarian contemporary art and creativity.

Our idea focused on a temporary exhibition with a strong and multidisciplinary approach in selecting the authors and placing their artwork in a non-standard for this type of content location – the office of Societe Generale Expressbank on 38 Graf Ignatiev Str., Sofia. The temporary installation was open for a weekend in June, 2017.

Under the title State of Motion, the exhibition brought together 10 young Bulgarian artists. They express themselves in various areas of contemporary art (video, painting, fashion, product design, photography), boldly mixing techniques, materials and perceptions. In addition, we had to write their initial profile presentations for the online platform.

“Art has been a mission for over ten years now for Societe Generale Expressbank, and with Prototype project led by Monika Balcheva, the bank stands behind an idea that combines innovation and art into one and aims to develop a culture in society Prototype is a project of art and innovation , which began as an in-house startup at Société Générale Expressbank (SGEIB) in early 2017,” says the statement of the bank.


State of Motion

Nowadays artistic expressions are rarely confined to just one particular medium. Opportunities for experimentations are richer than ever in terms of technologies, collaborations and mediums. More so in the professional approach of the new generation of creatives. Coming from different backgrounds (education in international institutions, work realization either in Bulgaria or abroad, various collaborations, etc.), their talent is channelled through the combination of constant movement through different formats, media and cities. This state of artistic motion drives their work forward, makes it pertinent to our times and engaging to the audience.

For the emergence of this new platform we select 10 emerging creatives under 40, who have graduated in the last 10 years in Bulgaria or abroad venturing different spheres of contemporary art and design and crisscrossing with confidence the fields of visual, material and intellectual interpretations. We play with Prototype in the sense of experimenting and still searching for a final function or complete state of being.

Studio Komplekt

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