Take Away Sofia is an exhibition that changes the perception of the identity of the Bulgarian souvenir and expands the notion of it through new design objects. They are of high artistic value, functional and understandable for local and international public as well. These souvenir prototypes express the creativity of the new generation of active Bulgarian designers and their treatment of the topic through an experimental approach.The design objects are realized by eight prolific and talented Sofia designers working in various design fields – graphic and product design, fashion, illustration and jewellery design.

The starting point for their creation is the current inventory of stereotyped souvenirs that are a monotonous reflection of forms and manifestations which have remained unchanged for decades. Although they are part of the Bulgarian souvenir tradition, it is now time to present a different and updated interpretation of this widely distributed object as a way of diversification of Bulgaria’s image at home and abroad.

The prototypes in the exhibition are interesting and valuable interpretations, which trace visual references to architecture, nature, language, heritage and other elements inherent to Sofia. With today’s generation of designers the project launches a new identity for the Bulgarian souvenir.

Studio Komplekt