Idea and realization: Studio Komplekt

Started 2016 – Present

The main goal of the project Take Away Souvenir  is to broaden the perception of the identity of the Bulgarian souvenir and what its form might be. This happens through the cooperation with contemporary Bulgarian visual artists and through the making of objects with valuable stories and quality design.
The result is a series of souvenirs whose image spontaneously and equally well speaks to both Bulgarians and foreigners. The participating authors recreate, in a peculiar, beautiful and attractive way, well-known or hidden from sight urban places, monuments, legends and others.

During 2016 was presented Take Away Sofia  – an exhibition with eight prototypes for souvenirs for the capital, Sofia. For this project were invited eight designers from different spheres – graphic and product design, fashion, illustration and textile, jewellery. The exhibition traveled to the Czech annual festival DesignBlok in Prague and its presentation in Sofia was accompanied by discussions and lectures on identity with international participants.

During 2019 was presented Take Away Plovdivrealized on the occasion of the title European Capital of Culture 2019. The active work began at the end of 2017. Invited participants again come from various fields of visual culture: architecture, ceramics, graphic design, fashion and textile, jewellery, illustration, photography.The authors succeed in both preserving the standard souvenir typology, and applying new interpretations of old visual references and inherited stories far from banal design.

Alyosha lollipop

Water carafe

Old house pin

Take Away – Give Away Sofia





You can find the rest of the souvenirs  here.