TEACH FOR BULGARIA – New Visual Identity

Commissioned by: Teach for Bulgaria
Brief: rebranding and new visual identity
Graphic design: PUNKT studio
Time frame: July – December 2020

Probably the most active and sustainable organization for change in the education system on a national level “Teach for Bulgaria” marked its 10th anniversary in September 2020. The occasion set in motion a much anticipated and important process for the team – a complete rebranding. Studio Komplekt was invited to consult on the selection of a graphic design studio and to mediate the first steps along the way – understanding the brief and setting clear frames for its execution.

In addition to its extensive popularity and high activity in the educational sector of Bulgaria, “Teach for Bulgaria” is an organization with impeccable standards and growing ambitions when it comes to sustainable development of its impact. Although its mission remains unchanged – access to quality education for every child in Bulgaria – in the last two years the strategy of “Teach for Bulgaria” has evolved towards new programs and partnerships to achieve better and more effective cooperation on an institutional level. Hence the responsibility in undertaking and implementing the change in its visual language so that it remains recognised by existing audiences while boldly attracting new ones.

There were several challenges ahead: updating the logo, creating efficient and flexible visual elements for the various programs of the organization and achieving consistency in the presentation and communication of the programs’ rich diversity. The task in front of the graphic designers also included defining new colors, fonts and principles of their use in compositions. The complexity of the work was imposed by the unification and coordination of the diversity of programs and the need for their clear layout in easily recognisable and applicable elements, without hampering the richness and boldness of the design solutions.

We chose to work with PUNKT not only because we like their work, but also because we admire the way they handle big and highly demanding projects like Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture, One Architecture Week 2015 and 2016, Open Arts Foundation and many more. They managed to present three apt and strong, in the same time quite diverse in their approach final propositions, among which the team of “Teach for Bulgaria” unanimously chose the one below, already in use among its channels.

The results speak eloquently of the right choice made. PUNKT have kept the name of the organization in the logo, opening the possibility to add new programs and key activities within the same element, which is also a symbol for inclusion {bracket} . The green color has been symbolic for “Teach for Bulgaria”, but the designers have also added secondary colors to highlight the programs and add accents. Gilam is the chosen font, created by the Bulgarian type foundry Fontfabric.

We are absolutely grateful to “Teach for Bulgaria” for the trust they showed and to PUNKT for their excellent ideas and work.