Time Machine – an exhibition at Serdika Center, presenting three different time decades from the 20th century.

Ordered by: Serdika Center and guts and brains DDB

Art director: Eva Ventova

Assignment: Conception, selecting content

September 2018, Sofia

“Time Machine” at Serdika Center is like a pavilion with memories from the 20s, 70s and the 90s.
The project was an idea by Serdika Center and guts and brains DDB, art director was Eva Ventova, we took part in the creating and selecting the content in all of the three part stages. Through real antiquities objects, texts, visual and audio references of the respective timeline, the visitors of Serdika Center recalled or learned more about the culture and everyday life in the past.
The first stop of the Machine were the distant years of the 20s when “The Great Gatsby” was first published, Coco Chanel created perfume number five, and Charlie Chaplin entertained us in the cult silent movie “The Kid”.
The second stop of the Machine were the 70s. A time when Douglas Adams told us about the meaning of life and the universe in his “Guide to the Galactic Hitchhiker.” ABBA turned every woman into a dancing queen, and Don Corleone made suggestions that nobody refuses.
For the end of the Machine’s voyage we chose the 90s when Harry Potter conquered everyone’s heart with his magucal adventures. Titanic breaks ice and records in cinema, and everyone sang the Spice Girls’ tracks.


Photos Studio Komplekt