Studio Komplekt was co-founder of the first center of design, culture, creativity, new practices and collaboration in Sofia called Generator*. The place opened in the summer of 2017 and was active until spring 2020. Studio Komplekt had been actively devoted to building a meaningful and engaging for various audiences content related to design and its various manifestations and applications. Formats such as Design Is, Melba Live, Design Class and How-To, CreativeMornings Sofia are just some of our ideas that have been realized in the space through various partnerships with local and international heroes.


DESIGN IS: a series of public meetings with international names at the forefront of the discipline – innovators in design. Through lectures, exhibitions and workshops, the audience has the opportunity to learn about important stages in the development of design, its remarkable revolutionaries, contemporary applications, brave and imaginative experiments, ethical and sustainable trends, upcoming growths, and more. The purpose of the format is to show the power of design to change our lives for the better. Among the guests in the DESIGN IS series are the British designer, educator and critique Daniel Charney, the Amsterdam based studio for graphic design and visual identity thonik, car designer Emanuil Klissarov, the Swiss trio for product and interior design BIG GAME, and our latest guest – Deyan Sudjic – director of the Design Museum and author of various titles on design and architecture.



DESIGN CLASS: in this format, we meet the audience with successful professionals and practitioners who, in a few meetings, share valuable experience, help the audience make better use of their skills and talents, and extend their design proficiency. We have realised a design class with Vicki Knysh (here).




SOCIAL CLUB: a most pleasant occasion to share and discuss impressions and knowledge about a specifically selected topic. These clubs have run as a breakfast – with Pedro Gadanho for the role of the museums and with Elric Petit for the relationship between designers and manufacturers, or as an open to a wider audience event – the case with the Milan Design Week 2018 review.



HOW TO: a practical seminar where participants learn and acquire specific knowledge. We currently have realized one on how to successfully sell a creative product with marketing professional Ina Toncheva (тук).


More about Generator:

Generator is both a concept and a physical space.
The concept behind Generator is about using DESIGN to generate ideas, experiments, solutions and experiences that provoke innovation and add value to our life and society. The space is a playground for collaboration, inspiration and knowledge and experience sharing between people from the creative community, the business community and the public sector. Generator produces, organizes and hosts various events, exhibitions, workshops and discussions to present design, DESIGN-CENTRIC culture, creativity and innovation.

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