Ice Cream Crush – Angelina Tsvetkova

We are proudly standing behind the first group exhibition of Bulgarian contemporary jewellery makers at the international and widely acclaimed event Munich Jewellery Week, organised by the cross-disciplinary platform and independent magazine discussing contemporary jewellery in the context of today’s visual culture Current Obsession. Marked as #51 on the participants’ map, the exhibition ICE CREAM CRUSH is adjusted at Del Fiore Gelato.

On the occasion of this peculiar participation, we present all participants in brief interviews:

Angelina Tsvetkova Contemporary Jewellery

On the style of your work:

I always aspired my style to be strictly individual and easily recognisable. My jewellery is characterised by a rich lush shape and embossed velvet structure combined with contemporary design.

Share an aspect of your project you are particularly proud of:

My jewellery pieces are always accompanied by a common and binding concept. This makes my work inspired and easy to implement. I prefer to create capsule collections bearing a title, which shows what I have been excited about at this moment of time. For example, “Senses” is a reference to the contemplation of the wine glass, how the oval shape plays with the bubbles. For the “Angel” bracelet I got inspired by the mythological hero “Eros” – the little angel, always portrayed with wings.

Preferred materials of work:

I work with different materials, but silver remains my soft spot and what I mastered in subtlety. I like its snowy whiteness, diamond brilliance and closest to the textile softness.

Favourite design object or concept jeweller:

Every day I discover new artists, designers, architects with bold ideas and innovative materials that make me admire them. Otherwise: Hanna Hedman, Helen Britton, Jacqueline Ryan, Xiao Liu and others.

Professional related expectations from Munich Jewellery Week 2017:

The event is a great opportunity for any designer to be noticed from numerous professional audience.