Water Culture is among the first projects of Generator – center for design and innovation in Sofia, of which we are also part. The initiative explores the feasible solutions for better utilisation of the enormous natural wealth our city has – the mineral springs. In several stages and different kinds of initiatives, Water Culture informs, calls for action and helps in reaching prototypes for a product or service related to the topic: How to make the mineral fountains of Sofia more familiar, more accessible and more attractive for more people?

The visual identity of the project is a very important part of the communication, and one which we are especially happy and proud of, because it tunes in a fine and precise way our message and goals. Presenting below his author Filip Boyadjiev – graphic designer, graduate of the National Academy of Arts. “I was very lucky to get through the various aspects of graphic design early and I managed to choose the field in which I want to develop, namely identity and wayfinding. I have been teaching at the National Academy of Arts (Department of Books, illustration and print graphics) and I freelance at the rest of the time. ”




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Filip’s work is at