Petar Zaharinov continues his study of space optimisation by experimenting with foldable and lightweight modules, this time offering a wall system whose perforation encourages an easy and personalised distribution of hangers and shelf supports so as to achieve the most suitable and desirable result without heavy and serious assemblage. He is not alone in this new enterprise and his partners prove to be no less experienced and capable: Radina Popova / Business Development, Svetlin Peev / Product Development and Alex Safari / Production Supply. WallStack refers to a wall system, which can conveniently, easily and quickly change from a pop-up shopping stand, to an open office or an art gallery. In a simple and clean style and pleasant unobtrusive material, the solution allows for a sustainable, long-lasting and original way of acquiring a space, regardless of its function. An additional positive feature of WallStack is its reusability, foldability and ease of retrieval as well as its adaptation to various roles without the need for heavy machinery and tools.

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“WallStack is a customisable partition wall system that can revolutionise retail and office spaces. The patent pending technology behind it is extremely simple and effective. We implemented it in a modular solution that is both foldable and stackable with no need of any tools. Moreover, its modularity does not compromise with the final look of the structure, providing a smooth flat surface, without visible structural parts. The system is not only reusable but also appropriate for many different applications. The variety of finish options gives freedom in playing with colour and style.”

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