Ivanka Georgieva is among the most successful Bulgarian designers of textile and fashion. She teaches at the Academy of Arts, San Francisco, and is a textile designer with 15 years of experience in Diane von Furstenberg, St. John, Zac Posen, Elisa Palomino and others.
She graduated Textile Design at the Academy in San Francisco, which can integrate into fashion, interior design, or any other industry where superficial details are observed. She chooses to specialize ot, because she already has a basic qualification and experience from Bulgaria. The other reason is that Textile actually exist as an independent industry.

After graduating from the Academy in San Francisco, she began an internship at Diane von Furstenberg, and a few months later she was offered a permanent position in the company. The DVF experience for her was a great start for development in this business. There she has learned a lot about the textile and fashion industry and now has valuable contacts. She says her work at the DVF was like a second academy because there she understood the huge difference between school and the real world of business.

She works for various fashion companies, including Zac Posen. There she developed a small capsule collection of scarves and neckties for Delta, and also she worked with a colleague from St. John-knits.

For Ivanka, textiles are the most important part of creating a collection. It is about the matter. When we are in a shop and try or touch the fabric of a cloath, we actually feel the textile. The fabric may be a print, or a knit, or a wool, and only those three words carry so much information.

The determining and important thing in the process of work, as in any art, is talent and creativity. Ivanka teaches Textile Level One, which is the only level available to learn online. It teaches students various techniques in practice and creative thinking. Its main purpose is to motivate them to think as designers and creators.

What makes her unique in the American industry is the fact that she has European base, draws very well, and at the same time she0 had the opportunity to study the technical part in America. She works with love and diligence on all collections and has achieved what she wants, namely working with companies that are one of the most successful in the fashion and textile industry. The beauty in this variety of fashion companies is in the different styles and different aesthetics, and she had the luck to have worked and created for all of them. The latest business step she’s been undertaken is her newly-opened print studio.

A Practical Creative Design Course will be held in January with the participation of Ivanka, who will share with us her personal experience of working with some of the most successful fashion houses in the world.


The fourth and the last for this year event Melba Live presented the work of three Bulgarian designers from different areas – Illustrator Rositsa Raleva, Founder of Fontfabric Type Foundry Svetoslav Simov and Arch. Maria Baleva from  FUNKT ARCHITECTS.

Like the online Melba archive, the event relies on the quality and deliberate blending of design areas and a set of strong ideas with the potential to change and develop the environment for the better. Another important feature of the presented projects is their up-to-date and recent realization.

Photos by Mihail Novakov

Rossitsa Raleva is one of the most recognizable names of the Bulgarian illustration. More than ten years ago, Dushman, the first brand for cool and cute messages and images of bg brand for T-shirts, started with their husband. She is also part of the Compot team, the art community of short animation, and is behind Finn’s highly-featured films as Father and Traveling Party. Currently, Rossi is a graphic designer in a large American company, but at the same time she is able to work on illustrations of books, posters and other projects that were actually the subject of her performance.

Svetoslav Simov is the founder of the Fontfabric Type Foundry Font Studio and was with us on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the company. He told about the start of the company and how he turned it into the largest Bulgarian font studio. With love and non-stop work, he managed to expand the team and put Fontfabric on the top 3 most viewed Behance accounts and top 2 best-selling fonts with clients like Nike, Nestle, KFC, Lipton, Discovery and many others. Focusing primarily on international markets and fewer local clients, Svet has urged young designers to demand payment of their copyright work and rights to work to build respect and recognition of the creative professions in Bulgaria.

Arch. Maria Baleva from FUNKT ARCHITECTS told us about one of their latest projects – the Company. The customers invite the team to create everything from ground zero and this gives both sides great freedom and huge responsibility. Maria has repeatedly stressed the bitter truth that old crafts and craftsmen who kept them unfortunately have disappeared. For the floor of the establishment, they used broken and discarded plates of different color, texture and size, which they themselves had to place and transform into a modern mosaic because they did not find a master for this task, which was otherwise popular during the Soviet era construction.

MELBA LIVE is part of the Studio Komplekt design initiatives – Melba Design Initiatives. The meetings are a continuation of the project launched in 2017 by the Studio in partnership with NEXT-DC and the Capital Culture Program, a dynamic archive for Bulgarian design MELBA.

MELBA LIVE is co-organized with Fashion Days, the shopping destination for all fashion lovers and good style.