The beginning of the new year naturally encourages a revision of the past and throwing an optimistically realistic look at the future. Inevitably, we are reviewing what happened to us professionally in 2020. What a year! Among the worries and partings – alas, we had to close GENERATOR and empty our office – we somehow rode a lucky wave and joined in some truly amazing and meaningful professional adventures as well as continue our work on MELBA design initiatives.


This is a new online platform for European crafts, galleries and museums, which pays tribute to talent, preserves traditions and carries them into contemporary handmade objects. We have the responsibility and pleasure to offer and take care of the Bulgarian participants’ presentations and places, and their number is expected to continue to grow in 2021.


Or Creative Industries for New Urban Economies in the Danube Region is a two-year project of the Danube transnational program Interreg, in which the focus lays on finding methods and tools for renewal and active development of abandoned central urban areas through the involvement of creative industries. Studio Komplekt is a partner on Bulgarian side, along with the municipality of Gabrovo. We are working together to find suitable and long-term opportunities for the development of the District 6 in Gabrovo.


The popular and unique platform for the development of Bulgarian education “Teach for Bulgaria” marked its 10 year anniversary in 2020, which gave a serious reason for rebranding. We were invited to propose and communicate with a graphic design studio, which would transform and open new opportunities for the visual communication. The result is a dynamic, flexible and attractive identity that combines a variety of elements and meets the growing ambitions of the organization. Its authors are studio PUNKT.

<photo: Michail Novakov>


This year we continued to hold meetings with local design heroes, albeit in an online format. Taking advantage of the imposed trends for ZOOM events, we presented exceptional specialists not only from Bulgaria, but also some based in other parts of the world, reaching a wider audience and archiving the lectures in our You Tube channel.


The lack of live interaction with the audience and the big halls filled with people was gravely missed, especially for the happening of the international symposium. But this did not make the third edition of the festival less valuable or uninteresting. Five great speakers took part in a live online session to openly and fascinatingly delver presentations about their creative path, visions and professional flashes. The Sofia audience was able to take a live and very real walk through the three exhibitions, specially arranged for the festival. – “Review of Bulgarian Design 2020 – New Models of Everyday”, “Illustrated Constitution” and “TestPress”. We were also able to realise an online class for creating a digital product.

We’ve said it before and won’t tire of repeating it – THANK YOU. To you – the audience – who follow and are excited about the topics of design, architecture and visual culture. To all participants and to our partners and supporters – Sofia Municipality Culture Program, National Culture Fund, Fashion Days, SiteGround, Next DC, Spanish Embassy, Irish Embassy, Czech Centre, Goethe Institut, Polish Institut, Bulgaria Air, IKEA, VIJ! Magazine, MD, Boyscout, UnderTheLine, Artakcia.


It is safe to say that 2020 brought changes that are here to stay, especially in the sphere of organising hybrid events and its growing digitalisation. We hope to be able to continue to getting you in contact with the irreconcilable creative force that inspires the spirit and helps in difficulties, encourages us to be more humane, open to innovations and tuned in to the beauty around.