The works of 11 Bulgarian designers and studios travels to Prague following the invitation of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in the Czech capital.

One of the more ambitious goals of Melba Design Festival, whose fourth edition we celebrated at the end of 2021, is to connect – the Bulgarian with the international design scene, as well as to initiate collaborations between local designers, curators and organizations from the Bulgarian design scene.

That is why the first trip of the annual exhibition Review of Bulgarian Design is a significant step for us. From March 15 to April 8, the group exhibition will be presented in Prague, following the invitation of the Bulgarian Cultural Center in the Czech capital.

It has become a traditional annual exhibition since the first edition of the festival, which brings together some of the remarkable manifestations of design through projects in various fields (graphic, product, social and interior design, printing, fashion, etc.).

For the fourth edition of the exhibition, the leading theme is “The value of design”. Again, representatives of various design fields were deliberately invited, with some of the authors already established and known as specialists, while others are just starting out professionally.

The exhibition was presented for the first time in Sofia at KO-OP gallery as part of the Melba Festival in November 2021, and was viewed by hundreds of design fans.