In the last two and a half years, we had the great chance to work on the European project CINEMA (Interreg Danube Transnational Program). The huge challenge of generating ideas for the beneficial transformation of a central area in Gabrovo through the involvement of creative industries was accompanied by upgrading knowledge, long-term partnerships and networks of contacts and testing the possibilities of public-private partnerships. At the very end of the project, we make a brief overview of the success stories, approaches and results and what we bequeath to District 6, Gabrovo for the near future.


The CINEMA project gathered over 50 participants from 22 partner organizations from 8 countries with different professional profiles – municipalities, enterprises, business support structures, creatives and academic circles. We have been through a lot together – from the first wave of Covid-19 with remote working meetings and online events, to intensive seminars, sharing experience and knowledge live in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Košice (Slovakia), Timisoara and Resita (Romania). We will certainly keep in touch in the future and look for opportunities to collaborate once again. In a national context, we strengthened the fruitful and excellent relations with the Municipality of Gabrovo, proving that the public-private approach in such large initiatives is the way forward for successful interventions and sustainable development processes of the urban environment.


The challenge to find and test suitable solutions for the revitalisation of dilapidated sites in inner city areas with the help of the creative industries resulted in a package of 20 tools, policy briefs, videos, guidelines and road maps etc., as well as new contacts in municipalities and government organisations that contribute to the project’s results being sustainable and transferable over time.


In cooperation with the Gabrovo Municipality team, we launched a series of processes to awaken the neighborhood’s potential. After extensively researching locations, businesses, stakeholders, brainstorming and engaging various collaborators, together we successfully implemented and tested tools (the voucher system tool and the culture cooperation tool) which brought attention to the District 6 and three new businesses . Our work has been repeatedly presented to institutions and various organizations with local and international influence. The challenge for the future development of District 6 was set as one of the five tasks at Gabrovo Innovation Camp, and the suggested concept was accepted by the mayor of Gabrovo as a realistic and possible one for application in the municipal policy in the next six years.

We thank our partners, stakeholders and colleagues for their participation, support, interest and contribution in the last years.