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МELBA is a Sofia based initiative dedicated to design through the following formats: a dynamic bilingual curated online archive with everything exciting and worthy in contemporary Bulgarian design, live meetings with presentations of recent creative projects and a yearly design festival with international participants.
MELBA’s mission is to present the various manifestations of the discipline and to infiltrate an inconspicuous but persistent sense of the meaningful and evolving impact of design on every aspect of our life. MELBA is a creative community and an occasion for introducing its members and their work to other audiences, both professional and nonprofessional ones.

Melba 2022: © PUNKT

Design 2022: © PUNKT

The monthly curated meetings MELBA LIVE are a way to exchange knowledge, experience, inspiration and contacts between the local design community. At the end of March 2018 we started the MELBA LIVE series, similar to the online MELBA archive, here we are counting on the quality and intentional blending of different design areas.

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